Hi, I’m Chandler.

I’m a 26 year old former Ex-Pat with a borderline problematic travel addiction. Amateur wine drinker and professional wine spiller. Lover of life and everything it has to offer.

My travel addiction spiraled out of control when I moved to Madrid in 2013. An impulsive move to create a profile on an Au Pair website landed me with an amazing family living in what came to be my favorite city in the world. After purposefully missing two flights home in order to stay longer, I knew that I was in deep.

After 3 crazy years of wine, hostels, and patatas bravas, I (somewhat reluctantly) made my way back to (the great state of) Texas. These days you can often find me one click away from booking my next adventure.

Why El Camino?

In English, El Camino means “The Way”, and this blog is all about how I’m finding mine around the world and empowering others to find theirs.

Finding your next adventure doesn’t mean you have to wait until you have more money or more time. It’s about taking the first step to book that flight, take that chance, and I hope to empower you to do just that.