A Breakup Letter to 'Mi Querido' Madrid

Whenever I find myself talking about Madrid, reminiscing on the long days spent drinking tinto de verano and eating bravas, I always find myself referring to Madrid almost as a human being rather than a place. So I decided to write you a breakup letter, Madrid. A letter to remember, a letter to get closure, and a letter of gratitude for everything that you have given me.


Here it goes.

Dear Madrid,

I can truly say that you. have. ruined. me. I guess I should start from the beginning, because I guess it didn’t always feel like ruin. At first it felt like an endless supply of cheap wine, discotecas, whirlwind trips, and spontaneity. It was staying out until sunrise, it was discovering new experiences, and drinking fake absinthe. It was casual, it was crazy, and then it was something more. You showed me how life was supposed to be lived, gave me a second family, you forced me to find myself, and you introduced me to some of the most amazing humans I have ever met. In one night, you showed me the world, and in three years you showed me myself. But it wasn’t always perfect, some part of me knew from the very beginning that one day it would come to an end. The worst part is that I let myself fall in love with you for three years while knowing that we couldn’t ever be together. I continued to fall harder and harder, even starting to picture our futures together. But then it was over. And I was mad at you. You were going on without me, showing other 21 year old girls the world and giving them all of you (like your wine- that was OUR thing….). Then in the midst of my self-pity I realized that I loved you too much to ever be mad at you. So I want to make a deal with you. I want to make a pact, a mutual agreement that we can see each other once a year (twice finances permitting), but that each time you have to let me go just as I did you. You have to continue to let me see the world you once showed me, knowing that I will always, always, come back to you.



PS- If you want to get ruined by Madrid too, read my much less dramatic post on what to eat, drink, and see in Madrid. COMING SOON.

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