A Night in the Sahara

Our short camping trip in the Merzouga desert did not come without its tribulations. With a sandstorm, an unruly (and very gassy camel), and a long trek through the dunes, I gained an entirely new appreciation for the desert and the Berber tribes that call it their home.

Ten minutes in to our hour and a half long ride to the camp, a sandstorm began sweeping through the dunes. It was actually probably a pretty comical scene- two tourists on camels with scarves and shirts covering our faces to shield us from the sand whipping around us. By the time that we arrived to the campsite, we were covered in sand (seriously I had to dump out my pockets and was still finding sand in my hair for the next week).

Once the sandstorm passed, we were able to truly appreciate the calmness that exists in the desert. It’s amazing how violent it can be one moment, and so calm the next. Sitting by the fire that night, under thousands of stars, it’s hard for one not to think about how similar deserts and oceans really are. Although they are essentially opposites, they are both infinite, powerful, and force you to realize how big the world is outside of your own.

By daylight, our camp had transformed into a beautiful desert oasis (the sandstorm had forced them to bring their entire set up inside the night before). The beautiful camp made us think twice about leaving, and almost decided to stay another night.

Photo Oct 13, 4 20 57 AM.jpg

Our desert camping trip was not complete without one last very small mishap. A car came to pick us up the next morning, and about two minutes in got stuck in the dunes (apparently camels are more apt for desert dunes than Subarus. We all had to get out to help push the car so we could get on our way, but I couldn’t resist getting a little photo evidence first.

Photo Oct 13, 4 15 27 AM.jpg

Despite a sandstorm, car troubles, and a farting camel, it was still one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Photo Oct 13, 4 16 43 AM.jpg