I was diagnosed with a Thyroid disease called “Hashimotos” in 2011, and as a consequence have been Gluten Free ever since. Back then, being Gluten Free wasn’t as popular as it is now, and there honestly were very few options when eating out (the most common response was “What’s Gluten? Some type of meat?”). Now try that in a language you don’t speak, and you understand how difficult it is to be Gluten free while traveling. I used to think that eating out meant I had to eat before and watch everyone else eat. It wasn’t until I moved to Madrid in 2014 and started traveling around Europe that I realized just how much I was missing out on. Food is such an integral part of a culture, and instead of doing my research and finding my options, I was choosing to miss out on all of it. Long gone are those days, and so I wanted to share my GF city guides to make taking that leap and traveling to a new place just that much more attainable.